About Us

Welcome Amigos !

Get your own brand or a message for, a campaign ,a team gathering ,a milestone celebration,or just for  any event.

The wide-spread of custom-made merchandise  made available for you within a short lead time just select any product ,mail us your logo or image – we will have them made for you.

Our mission is dead simple; make it quick, easy and affordable to be an individual. We use the latest technology in print, embroidery or sublimation to and transfer your thoughts and ideas on your very own custom-made t-shirts . with an experience of over 2 decades in custom merchandising we sure know the business back to front, inside out & top to bottom.

Just Be. You don’t want to be told what to wear. You’ve got ideas & we just help you put them on your product.

whether it’s a team celebration, running event, milestone gathering or just about anything that you want to be memorable.We are with you.